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From relationships to brand experiences.

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I love building things - from relationships to brand experiences. I am a big picture visionary who will work side by side the team to achieve outstanding results. I understand the constant finesse it takes to cultivate team culture while ensuring that it aligns with the company’s strategic goals, drives profitability and remains fun. I am driven by solving problems and delivering fantastic creative.

After graduating from DAAP, I joined Kolar. While there, I caught wind of an opportunity with LPK to work in their international office in Frankfurt, Germany which I couldn't resist. I joined LPK and loved diving into brand strategy for some of the world's most recognizable brands but the medium of packaging just wasn't fulfilling. After a few years away from experiential design I realized that is what I really wanted to be doing. I loved that experiential design leveraged so many different mediums and the innate diversity and complexity of the business problems to be solved.
I (re)joined Kolar while in Frankfurt, as an international extension of the firm, where I gained a strong foundation in creating brand experiences and established myself as a respected creative leader. After living abroad for eight years I was craving a design community to connect with and become a part of. This desire brought me stateside to IA Interior Architects in Seattle, Washington.
Currently, as Director of Experiential Design at IA, I am a practice builder, providing creative leadership - thought leadership, creative direction, and mentorship, to global teams building experiences for Fortune 500 clients. The Pacific Northwest has a strongly rooted culture in making and innovation and I am proud to be serving my second term as the SEGD Seattle chapter chair, where I actively contribute to the building of the local and international design community. 
While Seattle, WA is currently home, I am constantly exploring the world through travel, food, art, and books. Whether building a brand, an experience, or a practice, I have found that my heart is most full when I am building experiences through creative thought leadership - using my experience and design thinking to build consensus and ultimately new ideas.
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